The people of Philadelphia should Expect More and Deserve Better from our city.

Philadelphians too often are told they have to choose between: Public Safety or Criminal Justice Reform; Reducing Taxes or Providing City Services; or New Development or Affordable Housing.

As a Councilmember At-Large, I represented the whole city and I refused to choose. I authored the Green Plan that cut taxes for small businesses and residents to the lowest they’ve been in decades while increasing funding for more police officers and public safety.

A lot of candidates talk about it. As a Councilmember, I helped do it. As Mayor, we’ll take it to a whole new level, to give Philadelphians the city they expect and deserve!

Let me tell you a little about myself.

My mom was a proud union public high school teacher for thirty-one years. My father was a war-veteran and career long civil servant, working for the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. I still belong to the same church in Germantown as I did growing up.

I’m a teacher’s kid who refuses to accept what some say can’t be done.

My wife Sheila and I live in Mt. Airy with our son Julian.

I’ve been a prosecutor fighting violent street crime, a city attorney working to stop predatory lending, and my wife and I even opened a small retail shoe store in our neighborhood.

I can’t wait to see you in person soon and tell you more about my plans.


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